Coverage Designed Specifically for Trucking Fleets

Insure your fleet with Ten Four Truck Insurance. Whether you have a small fleet or a large one, our team of experts is here to help you find the right coverage to keep your fleet safe and your business running smoothly. Trust Ten Four Truck Insurance to protect your fleet every mile of the way.  

Insurance Options for Fleets


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Commercial Auto Liability

Auto Liability insurance safeguards you from financial losses if you’re deemed at fault in an accident, covering damages to third-party property, medical expenses, and lost wages.

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As a commercial trucking professional, your cargo is one of your most important assets. Protect your cargo and yourself with motor truck Cargo insurance. Cargo coverage protects you from losses caused by damage or loss of cargo during transportation.

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General Liability

At Ten Four Truck Insurance, we’re protecting your business beyond the road. General Liability coverage safeguards your business activities not directly tied to operating your truck, and helps you comply with broker and shipper insurance mandates so you can foster more partnerships.

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Physical Damage

Accidents, weather, theft—owner operators face unique risks on the road. We’re here to help protect your investments and your future. With comprehensive Physical Damage coverage, you’ll get 24/7 towing nationwide, gap coverage, and quick, knowledgeable assistance with accidents, hail, fire, vandalism, and more, so you can minimize downtime and lost income.

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Trailer Interchange

Trailer Interchange provides Physical Damage insurance for trailers being pulled under a trailer interchange agreement. A trailer interchange agreement is a contractual arrangement between two trucking parties to transfer a trailer from one party to another in the process of completing a shipment.

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