Frequently Asked Questions

Can my motor carrier require me to take their insurance?

We hear this a lot, and it is a common misconception. Your motor carrier cannot mandate where you place your coverage as they have no interest in your truck.

How do I know the coverage Ten Four provides is in line with what I’m currently getting?

Ten Four offers a free coverage comparison for all customers, giving you peace of mind when contemplating a change or purchasing new coverage.

If I change motor carriers or establish my own authority, can I keep my coverage in place?

Our policy goes with you wherever you go. If you’re purchasing coverage through a motor carrier and you make a change, the coverage you have with your carrier will typically cancel whereas a policy with Ten Four will remain in place.

Does it save me more money having all of my coverages bundled together?

Reviewing pricing for each coverage may provide significant cost savings. Although it may seem more convenient, having all coverages bundled together isn’t always cost effective.

When should I let Ten Four know about a new driver?

As soon as possible. To avoid possible claims issues, and ensure you’re getting the best possible rate, letting the underwriting team at Ten Four know pre-hire is in your best interest.

Can I add additional trucks and trailers to my existing policy?

You can add additional trucks and trailers to your policy at any time by emailing There are a few basic underwriting questions to get an updated premium in your hands to move forward with your additional equipment.

What payment options do I have?

We offer a monthly pay plan with one of the lowest down pays in the industry. At Ten Four, we pride ourselves on keeping more money in your pocket. In addition to this option, we offer several flexible payment options.

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