Physical Damage

Physical damage insurance covers damage to your equipment, on or off the road. 

What Is Physical Damage?

Physical Damage Insurance covers losses to a covered auto or its equipment. Coverage ranges from collision damage to natural disasters such as floods or fires. Towing and Gap are also included. 


Includes damage resulting from hitting something or from something hitting your truck or trailer.


Coverage from any cause except a covered collision. 


Coverage for any difference between the balance owed and the market value if deemed a total loss, up to $20,000.


Coverage for towing charges from a covered loss to the nearest qualified repair shop.

Extended Physical Damage Coverage

This add-on coverage provides protection for other expenses that may arise during a covered loss.


$150 per day/$750 per week with a limit up to $5,000 per loss.


Loss to personal property in the truck up to $5,000.

Electronic Equipment

Loss to personal property in the truck up to $5,000. 

Tarp, Chains, & Binders

Loss of tarps, chains, and binders used on your trailer up to $500. 

Windshield Replacement

One free replacement per 12-month period.

We offer a variety of deductible options and limits to meet your specific agreement and coverage needs.

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