Stay Safe on the Road: How to Properly Set Up Emergency Triangles

February 22, 2024

Stay Safe on the Road: How to Properly Set Up Emergency Triangles


yellow truck on the highwayEnsuring your safety on the road is paramount, especially during emergency situations. Take a moment to refresh your memory on the proper setup of emergency triangles, a critical step in alerting other motorists to your presence.

Step 1: Activate Your Four-Way Flashers

Ensure your vehicle is easily visible to other drivers by turning on your four-way flashers upon stopping.

Step 2: Don Your Safety Vest

Prioritize your safety by wearing your reflective safety vest before exiting your truck onto the roadway.

Step 3: Choose Your Exit Point Wisely

When exiting your vehicle, always choose the side closest to the shoulder of the road to minimize exposure to passing traffic.

Step 4: Properly Place Your Triangles

Remember to carry three emergency triangles, positioning them with the reflective side facing oncoming traffic for maximum visibility. Additionally, be mindful to turn the weight at the bottom of each triangle to prevent tipping when placed on the road.

On Two-Lane Roads:

Position one triangle 100 feet in front of your vehicle, centered in the lane you occupy.

Place another triangle 10 feet behind your vehicle on the traffic side.

Finally, position the third triangle 100 feet behind your vehicle, once again centered in your lane.

At Ten Four Truck Insurance, safety is our top priority. By following these guidelines, you not only ensure your own safety but also contribute to the safety of fellow motorists. Stay vigilant, stay safe.


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